Each year, billions of dollars are usually spent annually globally in the meeting industry. Usually, this money is spent at city hotels, country clubs, restaurants, resort hotels, conference centers, among other unique places of meetings. It is worth to learn that these meetings are usually both formal as well as informal. The following are some of the examples of corporate events:

Conferences and seminars

Unlike conferences, seminars are shorter activities that lasts for a couple of hours usually after half a day or even after a whole day. Seminars have either a single or even a few speakers and usually keep all of those who are participating in it in one place/space. On the other hand, conferences usually have many sessions that occur together. Conferences are usually held at hotels. Moreover, they begin with an event that is keynote. These sessions are always followed by breakout sessions. Moreover, it is good to learn that, unlike a seminar that will take place for a few hours, a conference can go for a period between 2 days to around more than week.

Trade shows

Usually, various organizations prepare trade shows so as to reinforce their image as the leading organization among many others. They usually plan to paint their image so that they can sell themselves to the people who attend these trade fairs.
Prior to the event, the participating companies negotiates for sponsorship rates so as to get space for their trade show, promotion, speaking opportunities, promotion opportunities and entertainment. A lot of logistics is followed to ensure that your company is well promoted.

Incentive programs and executive retreats

Here, a lot of cash is spent per person. These events are usually held at luxurious hotels as well as in resorts, and they usually receive smoke of the most visibility in an organization. Usually, organizational planning, as well as business development, are some of the topics that are discussed in these meetings.
Executive retreats, as well as incentive retreats, last for about 3 to around five days. These two events require a lot of attention when it comes to some of the following activities: site selection, the means of transport, golf, business meetings, lodging, catering, among other things. If things are done well, these events usually end up refreshing many people’s spirits especially after they have had a tight working condition. Clean Comedians can also help.

Golf events

It is common for many organizations to hold the golf outing at the end of each business year. The primary objective here is usually relationship management. However, it is good to note that business content is always the key factor that drives the planning of these events and not the other way round. This is perfect entertainment for corporate events
Majority of golf courses usually prefer their clients to keep the tee times as either the first item in the morning or even at around 1pm, that is if the clubhouse or the golf course is not being rented to you for the whole day

There’s No Replacement For Videos Like This: Political Break

In the video above, TV correspondent Jon Oliver made headlines this past Sunday, blasting state-wide lawmakers for not including LGBT’s in basic civil rights. It seems that this issue is no longer a discussion of right and wrong, but rather of human decency. Businesses spreading bad-will by refusing to serve LGBT’s are becoming more common as Federal Law continues to pass laws in their favor. More specifically: Marriage. While push-back is expected, especially from members of the population that tend to be 50 and older, from the south, or just conservative, it is important to remember that inevitability is clear. We have every right and should be upset at the current lack of recognition that continues to be seen, but knowing the difference between a war that will be won and one that’s simply not giving way, makes all the difference in a conversation such as this.


This has implications for corporations as well, who may see themselves faced with having employ vendors or suppliers who they do not necessarily agree with. This could also extend to companies that need to hire entertainment for their corporate party or meeting. Equal opportunity must shown; Inevitability is apparent; Just be happy that you are making history, creating a precedent against all segregation with eventuality – just as racial rights were.


Mobile phones are the thing of the current days. They have to be carried along everywhere. Your party or corporate meeting is no special to make attendants switch off their phones. You have no authority over that. You can even make the attendants hate your event if you attempt such an act. The best way to make things work for you is knowing how to engage them while still having their phones operational.
Mobile phones are associated with distractions in the proceedings of the event, but this is only to planners who don’t know how to deal with the matter. When you do nothing about it, you will see people are not interested in whatever you are talking about because what is on their phones is more pleasing. The first thing is, therefore, to make your presentation attractive and catching so that the attendants will even forget they had mobile phones. If this is not working, you should try the below-described strategies.

Directly request cooperation

Meeting organizers take into consideration that attendants need to check their phones regularly. They hence allow for some breaks in between the event so that everyone is free to access their phones for some certain allowed duration. When the session resumes, everyone is requested to avoid the use of mobile phones. However, no matter how many times you make requests, there are still a certain proportion of attendants who never adhere to that. The speaker can spot them and walk towards them. They can then request them in a humorous way to avoid the use of the phone.

Multi-taskers should be avoided

Many of the attendants will be controlled by the counterproductive measures taken to discourage the use of smartphones. At the venue, for example, there can be stickers indicating that the area is out of bounds for Wi-Fi use. Many people will adhere to this and get to listen to the proceedings. However, there are others that are addicted to their phones and will try and violate that. When they can manage to work on their phone while still listening, your corporate entertainment will distract the neighbors and prevent them from getting the crucial points.

Customize your event to apply to the smartphones

This is one of the best ways to control the use of smartphones in meetings. Instead of you quarreling with the attendants over mobile phone use, why don’t you make an app that is related to the agenda of the meeting? This way, they will access their phones while still being related to the meeting. This is more likely to increase engagement and hence effectiveness. The communication and distribution of contents whether before, after and during the meeting, is simplified.